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Women's Jackets

Shivering through the winter in a less-than-adequate jacket is something most women would rather avoid. Every few years, and sometimes more often due to wear and to changing styles, women will need to select and purchase the perfect winter jacket to last them through the next couple of seasons

Most women look for more than quality and functionality in a good winter jacket. Since a high-quality winter coat or jacket usually represents a sizable investment, it should be flattering as well as warm and water resistant. Women should consider the shape of their body when they are selecting a coat so that they can choose the one that will present them to their best advantage

We are manufacturing different types of jackets for any occasion. Some are very tailored, whereas others are looser and more casual. They can also be made of many material types, including wool, cashmere, linen, nylon, silk, and fabrics made from hemp and bamboo. The color and fabric type will vary depending on the purpose of the jacket, the quality of the piece. Our winter jacket are waterproof in order to deflect icy rain and snow. It also be able to block the wind effectively.

We manufactures an endless variety of styles, some of them are follow as
Blazer, Fleece, Puffer, Bolero


Solid, Textured, Patterned, colorfull


Apple, Pear, Strawberry, Hourglass, Rectangle,




Quality : 100 % Organic Cotton / 100 %

Medium: 12 kg. per yard.
Heavy: more than 12kg. per yard.


Superior finishes / Skin friendly / Colour fastness/ Shrink resistant / Tear & Fade resistant/ durable stitching/ Anti pilling/ Soft hand feel