• 1000’s of farmers die every year exposed to poisonous pesticides & fertilisers. Our practices save lives and help care for personal wellbeing.
  • The various reasons why farmers commit suicide; drought, debt, use of genetically modified seed, public health and government economic policies, environment, low produce prices, stress , poor irrigation, increased cost of cultivation, use of chemical fertilizers and crop failure.
  • When the topsoil is eroded from an area, that area loses its most nutrient rich layer, and therefore soil quality is reduced. Poor soil quality means smaller crop yields and may even wash away seeds and small plants. This may call for more of a need for artificial fertilizers and pesticides, which can runoff of fields and contaminate waterways.
  • An estimated 25 million people worldwide are poisoned by pesticides every year ! A wearer is affected by the resins; dyes & heavy metals formaldehyde used in processing fabrics, hence suffer from rashes, skin conditions, nerve damage and cancer.