Soya Fabric

Soy fabric is soft in texture and comparable to silk in the way it drapes. It is also very durable, and lends itself well to many different types of garments or home textiles like sheets. Thick soy fabric has even been proven to be warmer than wool, and definitely warmer than polyester, making it ideal for winter clothing and soft, cozy cover-ups. Soy fabric are also easy to care for, doesn’t wrinkle easily and is often more durable than natural fabrics of the same grade.

158234739Soy fabric is a man-made cellulose-based material, meaning that it undergoes chemical manipulation in order to be turned from a plant into a fabric. The extensive production process involves breaking down the proteins in the soybean by exposing them to heat, alkalis or enzymes, after which they are filtered and pushed through a spinneret to separate the fibers into long strands. The fibers are then cross-linked to lengthen them.

460549635We are well-reputed as one amongst the dependable Soy Wax Fabrics Exporters from India. The array of organic soy fabrics includes solid, dyed, yarn-dyed, woven and knitted apparels. Apart from this, fabrics are also available in single jersey, airtex, honeycomb, in knits, in woven poplins, sheetings, yarn-dyed stripes and in checks and prints. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the soy fabrics customized in different designs and colours as per the specifications provides.

Advantages of Soy fabric
Natural luster and smooth cloth
Good physical and dyeing properties
Breathability and comfort
Fine appearance with excellent drape