Viscose Yarn

Viscose yarn is yarn made from a cellulose base. It has a number of properties including a high tensile strength that can make it suitable for knitting and crocheting projects. It may also be labeled as rayon or viscose rayon yarn; viscose is actually the processed cellulose base used to make rayon, and is not itself a fiber.

It is not synthetic like polyester, because it is made from natural materials but it is heavily processed. There are several production techniques used to turn viscose into rayon. The finished product has a high sheen, is very soft, and is also quite strong. However, viscose can also be brittle, is prone to pilling, and needs to be washed with care to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging the fibers.

One advantage to viscose yarn is that rayon takes dyes very well, allowing knitters and crocheters to work with a wide variety of colors. The sheen usually carries through, leaving colors deep and brilliant. In addition, the fiber retains dyes and should stay bright and colorful throughout the life of the products made with it. Crafters who want to work with bold, colorfast yarns may choose this yarn for their projects.

Viscose Yarn

Properties and Uses:
Feels soft and silky.
High breathability like cotton.
Have good moisture retention like cotton.
Easily dyed into several colours.
Heat does not shrink it.
It is biodegradable.
Viscose can be blended with spandex for good stretch-ability.
Excellent material for linings in filament yarn structure.
Creases easily and minimizes in size when introduced in hot water.
Good drape-ability.

We offer viscose yarn in single or multiple twists. These are available in various specifications to suit customer needs.Winding in cylindrical/conical/coneless spools or hanks is done as per requirement.

Our Viscose yarn finds extensive applications in carpet industry, cable industry and for multiple other usage. These are also available in bleached dyed and blended Viscose yarn in different colours and compositions.

We also offer high quality Viscose felt. This is an excellent insulating material and very useful in construction, nursery and a range of industries.