Woolen Yarn

Woolen or worsted is a type of yarn made from carded wool. Woolen yarn is soft, light, stretchy, and full of air. It is thus a good insulator, and makes a good knitting yarn. Woolen yarn is in contrast to worsted yarn, in which the fibers are combed to lie parallel rather than carded, producing a hard, strong yarn.

"Woolen", basically means that the individual fibers of varying lengths are going in many different directions, overlapping each other at a variety of angles and leaving air spaces between the individual fibers. "Worsted" means that the individual fibers are roughly the same length and are running parallel to each other and only overlapping at the tips, leaving little to no space between the individual fibers.

We bring customers with a premium collection of Woolen Yarn that is in high demand in both domestic as well as International markets. Our Woolen Yarn is durable and strong. Another unique feature of our Woolen Yarn is the soft texture. Our Woolen Yarn is used extensively in a variety of industries and we offer our Woolen Yarn at market leading prices. we even supply and export our material in quality packaging as per the client requirement

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Woolen Yarn

Availability :
We can supply woolen worsted yarn from 3 NM to 120 NM

Wool is durable and long lasting. Wool fiber is unsurpassed in flexible strength. Shape for a lifetime of use.
Wool is absorbent and healthy. Wool fibers naturally draw moisture away from the body and can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without becoming clammy from perspiration, keeping you dry when sleeping.
Wool provides comfortable warmth. Wool fibers are fluffy with tiny air pockets. Their loftiness and cushiony insulation keep body heat in and cold out.
Wool is flame-resistant. Wools’ natural moisture content makes it non- combustible. A wool blanket will not melt or ignite into flames; an excellent safety precaution when sleeping or lounging around the campfire.
Wool is dirt and odor resistant. Wool's microscopic scales hold dirt near the surface of the fabric, making it easy to remove at the same time preventing odors from being absorbed by the fibers.