Spinning is a major part of the textile industry. It is part of the textile manufacturing process where three types of fibre are converted into yarn, and then to fabrics, which then undergo finishing processes such as bleaching to become textiles. These textiles are then fabricated into clothes or other products. There are three industrial processes available to spin yarn, and one handicraft community who use hand spinning techniques.


Spinning is the twisting together of drawn out strands of fibres to form yarn, though it is colloquially used to describe the process of drawing out, inserting the twist, and winding onto bobbins. In simple words, spinning is a process in which we convert fibers by passing through certain processes like Blow room, Carding, Drawing, Combing, Simplex, Ring Frame and finally winding into yarns. These yarns are wind onto the cones.

At our facilities, we are capable of spinning organic cotton, Fair Trade Organic Cotton and conventional cotton in our exclusive quality cotton stock for our needs. 

Our spinning mill is well equipped with state-of-the-art machines, manufactured by LMW-India, and Rieter-Switzerland. High quality cotton is purchased from the market from the farmer’s society and it undergoes various processes for conversion into yarn. Our special features in spinning is producing organic cotton yarn in various counts  & our spinning is certified for GOTS, Fair Trade and EU Flower Standards.


Vision Shield Foreign Fibre Remover in Blow Room

Unifloc – A10, A11

Draw frame – RSB 851 & D30

Unilap E32, Combers – E 7/5 A, E 7/6, E62

Suessen Elite Compact Ring Frame


Flexifloc, Varioclean, Unimix

Cards – LC 300 A, LR C 1/3

Drawframes – RSB 851

Combers – LK 250 & E 7/4

Speed Frames – LF 1400 & 1400A,1665

Ring Frames – G 5/1, LR6


Yarn: In our process of spinning we can spin 10's, 20’s, 24’s, 30’s, 34’s, 40’s, & 60’s. We offer Regular yarns, Compact yarns, Slub yarns, 'S' & 'Z' Twist yarns. CAIPO Slub yarn is suitable for high speed knitting weaving. The yarns are contamination foreign fiber well controlled

 Single / TFO Doubled

Compact Single & Double, Elitwist

Gassed Yarns

Open-End Yarn

GOTS certified organic cotton yarn in hank and cone (Ne 6s ,Ne 10s & Ne 2/10s)

BCI cotton yarn in hank and cone (Ne 6s ,Ne 10s & Ne 2/10s)

Conventional cotton yarn in hank and cone (Ne 10s )

Raw Material Options

Indian Cotton

GIZA Blends


BCI cotton