Vegetable Dyed Fabrics

We provide organic vegetable-dyed (naturally dyed fabric) end products as per the requirements of the customer. We have developed the technique to dye/print with flowers, roots, fruits etc. like turmeric, onion, myraballams, madder, kesu flowers, dhavadi flowers, natural indigo etc.

This not only prevents water pollution due to replacement of petrochemical dyes with vegetable dyes/natural dyes,but also imparts medicinal value to cloth as many herbs used for dyeing have high medicinal value.

The colours developed are also unique which cannot be replicated by synthetic dyeing and can thus initiate a new fashion trend. We have developed our expertise in vegetable dyeing /natural dyeing of organic woven fabrics.


We generally keep stock of some standard 100% certified organic bio cotton, grey fabrics(organic voile, organic cambric, organic poplin, organic sheeting, organic canvas, organic 30s single jersey and other organic and sustainable fabrics),which can be vegetable dyed/naturally dyed,finding application in range of eco-friendly clothing.

Organic baby clothing/organic infant clothing (Organic baby t-shirts/organic baby tees)
Organic Women’s clothing (tops, skirts, dresses, tees)
Organic Men’s clothing (shirts, pyjamas, kurtas, tees)
Organic home textiles, (bedsheets, cushion covers, pillow covers)
Organic bags