Ahimsa/peace silk

"Ahimsa" is a sanskrit term that literally translates as “the avoidance of violence". In the context of silk fibre production, "Ahimsa" refers to the ethical treatment of silkworms. Instead of boiling the silk cocoon or piercing it in order to release the silk fiber from the cocoons before the moth emerges, killing the silk work in the process, Ahimsa or Peace silk is extracted only after a metamorphosing worm has emerged from its cocoon. This means that the worm is allowed to complete an entire life cycle unharmed - or "peacefully".
Ahimsa Peace Silk creates unique products that appeal to the demand of environmentally conscious and non violent clientele all over the world. It provides an alternative for discerning and aware consumers to make animal-cruelty-free choices. A huge range of products are developed from ahimsa silk such as shawls, stoles, scarves, ties, saris, furnishing fabrics, knitwear, casual wear, dresses, rugs and other diversified products. Dyes can be used on the fibre, including natural dyes.




Benefits of Ahimsa fabric
1.it is comfortable to wear.
2It’s also wrinkle free and has a better fall.
3.The fabrics are luxurious,
4.airy, and soft-to-the-touch alternative to conventional silk,
5.popular with the eco-fashion designers such as Bahar Shahpar, Bodkin, Ivana Basilotta, Minna, Mr. Larkin, and Enamore.