“Schools have become our focus because a lot of public schools have a green policy and want to be more sustainable. Buying certified organic uniforms is another way that they can achieve and increase usage. “Every school has a green policy that is government implemented but its success depends on the drivers in the school. We have organized sessions in schools where we have shown products and provided samples and the response has been wonderful.”

“We are not just selling a garment; we are educating future generations about the benefits of sustainable produce.

“We encourage parents and Citizen associations that purchase our products to educate children by telling them what they are wearing – that it is chemical free and made sustainably.”


DAC ClothingPvt Ltd adopts environmentally responsible practices such as organic material sourcing and bio-plastic packaging. We will continue to network and develop relations with like-minded operators in order to develop new strategies to advance international recognition and awareness of the people working to balance systems of exchange and consumption.



Recent days most of the chemicals used in conventional farming were first developed for warfare. Some of these chemicals and pesticides are among those classified by the United States, and were first developed for warfare. The toxic chemicals present in the soil can decrease the soil fertility day by day, and therefore decrease the soil yield.



1000s of farmers die every year exposed to poisonous pesticides and fertilizers. Our practices save lives and help care for personal wellbeing. A wearer is affected by the resins, dyes and heavy metals formaldehyde used in processing fabrics, hence suffer from rashes, skin conditions, nerve damage and cancer.



By awering of this we involved in and producing organic clothes. Organic clothes are clothes made from the organic cotton. Organic cotton is generally understood as cotton; it is to be grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. Its production also promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycle..



Our organic uniform products for both boys and girls are shirt, half pant, pant, skirts, dresses, sweaters, blazers, ties etc…  We offer the products in the form of garment and fabric materials based on the shcool requirements.


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Our organic uniform products are exempted from the harmful dyes, resins and formaldehyde thus, organic clothing, especially cotton, made without these potential allergens and irritants may feel better to the skin. The certified organic textiles are made responsibly – chemically, socially and environmentally. This means no poor working conditions, child labour or harmful chemicals are used to grow and process the cotton.