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Men's Sports Vest

Men’s vests come in an extensive range of styles with each reflecting the various purposes they serve. Some are designed to be worn under clothing and others to be worn as outerwear, such as a sports vest. Most vest. However, are worn as under clothing to provide extra warmth and comfort, although some now also provide posture and body shape support. Many people know this garment as a singlet, particularly those for whom a vest is a sleeveless jacket, sleeveless cardigan, or a waistcoat.


There are different types of Men’s Vests are we manufacturing, Some of them as follow as


Cotton Sleeveless Vests (Tanks)
100% cotton sleeveless vest is traditionally the most commonly worn type of undergarment. It is a general purpose vest that is snug, comfortable, highly breathable and perfect for the warmer months. This vest has been around for a long time and is popular with older gentlemen


Sports Vests
The sports vest is a useful item in the gym or even as casual gear in hot weather. They are usually designed for maximum comfort when exercising, but surprisingly, they are sometimes made from synthetics, such as polyester. 100% cotton variety is a much better choice, especially if it is to be worn for exercise.


Thermal Vests
Our Thermal vests made from wool, natural, or synthetic blends. but they are slowly giving way to the newer type that are designed to be worn especially close to the skin. They fit closely because a loose fit will allow body heat to escape and defeat the purpose of the vest. This type of vest can be either short or long sleeve, round or crew neck.


Rash Vests
Rash vests are specifically made to wear on the beach and protect the torso from rashes associated with salt water, sand, friction, and more specifically, the constant rubbing of the wet board again the chest. Naturally then, the rash vest is a non-negotiable for surfers and body boarders.


Body Shaping Vests
Body shaping vests are designed to support the body and improve posture, as well as hide excess fat and create a slimmer appearance. This is achieved through the insertion of shaped seams and a hidden panel which flattens the abdominals and enhances a silhouetted figure. Variations of these vests sometimes combine thermal insulation to provide protection to the muscles in cold weather and minimise the risk of injury when playing sport.


Solid, Textured, Patterned,


Regular fit , slim fit, Tight fit,




Quality : 100 % Organic Cotton, 100 % Cotton, Fleece, Jersery, Rib, Interlock, polyester, Silk, Rayon


Superior finishes / Skin friendly / Colour fastness/ Shrink & wateresistant / Tear & Fade resistant/ durable stitching/ Anti pilling/ Soft hand feel.