Cotton Linen

Linen fabric well known for silky lustre, smoothness and high comfort value but having drawback for easy crushability and very high premium range. Hence, it is sometimes used in combination with cotton, silk, rayon & colonial combination with wool too. Fabrics with linen like texture & coolness but with good wrinkle recovery can be produced from manufactured fibres & blends. To enhance the property of linen & to create unique USP blend of Birla Cellulosic fibres done.

With blended of cotton linen fibres, you get the benefit of both in one cloth. Both fibers are highly breathable, absorb a decent amount of moisture and are often fairly open in weave, to allow air to circulate through the garment and keep the wearer cool. Crucially however, the cotton yarns also add a suitable amount of body and crease-resistant properties which keeps the propensity of linen to crease in check. The cloth will never be as smooth or pristine as a pure summer-weight wool, but it behaves a hundred times better than a pure linen, its more durable, useable and responds so much better to pressing or even machine washing in the case of off-the-peg trousers. People who can wear cotton-linen blended suit they can wear this suits several times a week during the summer. it comes up as crisp as ever after a light press, and the trousers have been through the washing machine hundreds of times and are no worse off for it.

our fabric is used for a range of clothing, such as shirts, dresses, socks and slacks, and because of it's antimicrobial properties, is ideal for active wear. We offered our linen with blended 30% cotton to add structure to garments. Our fabric is also used for sheets and blanckets, clothes because fiber lends a hand feel.

Cotton linen fibers both are highly breathable
Excellent for the tender, developing skin of a baby
Softer than conventional cotton clothing
Reduces respiratory problems and smells pleasant
Production does not involve use of chemicals