Hemp Yarn

Hemp is Cannabis grown for fibre, food, fuel, or other non-drug uses. Historically, the textile uses have been most important. Cannabis grown as hemp is the same species as that grown for marijuana, although millenia of selective breeding has resulted in strains that look quite different. Hemp is planted closely, resulting in tall, slender plants with long fibres.

There are broadly three groups of cannabis varieties being cultivated today:
Varieties primarily cultivated for their fibre, characterized by long stems and little branching, called industrial hemp
Varieties grown for seed from which hemp oil is extracted
Varieties grown for medicinal or recreational purposes.


Also There are three groups of varieties in the Cannabis genus. Those grown for Fiber, Seed (to be used in food and oil production)and Drugs.The types used for fiber and seed are called hemp. The drug variety produces a narcotic chemical called THC and is called cannabis or marijuana. You can be sure that anything you buy that says "hemp" is safe. You will not get high from wearing hemp clothing!

The hemp plant used for fiber is very tall with few leaves and flowers. It's harvested in late summer before flowering to produce the strongest fibers. To remove the fibers from the stem, it undergoes the traditional drying and retting like flax, but there are modern mechanized processes that use steam.

Hemp yarn can be mercerized so that it's softer and more colorfast. This extra process heats and stretches the yarn.

We are offering our clients a range of Hemp yarn with a size of Nm 10 (Nm 10 yarn = 10,000m/kg) from single to multiple plies of 2, 3, 6 and 12 in either natural or bleached (using peroxide) suitable for any number of uses including weaving, knitting, craft, home and garden uses. Made from earth-friendly wet spun hemp,These yarns are available on 1 pound spools in single-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply, 6-ply and 12-ply.