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Organic Baby Towel

Baby towel and towels are soft, free of chemicals, and washable. These towels dry the baby without feeling too harsh or completely enveloping him. The best baby washcloths and towels are made from organic materials and feature designs to solve problems that pop up during bathtime. For instance, some have hoods to keep the baby's head warm or serve as a protective bib for the parents during bathtime. Like other baby items, certain products may be best for different age groups, such as newborns or toddlers.


Some of the towel we offered as follow as


Anais Muslin Washcloths – Thses are a matching set of washcloth and hooded towel that consist of 100 percent cotton muslin. These towels are ideal for older babies,


Puj Hug Hands towel - It wraps around the baby. After baby is dry, the towel can hang up to dry on a hook using the silicone tab.


Satsuma Design Organic Washcloths - These washcloths can also serve as wipes when it comes time to change diapers.


SkipHop Zoo Towel - Keep the baby entertained when drying off with the SkipHop Zoo Towel


Wrap Hooded Towel - Another unique design, which has also won several awards, Wrap Hooded Towel. This fun towel secures around the parent's neck during bathtime to protect against splashing. After bathtime, parents can wrap the large towel around the baby. The bottom half of the Clevamama towel is hooded and parents can pull it up and over the baby's head when drying off. The towel is available in white, pink, blue, and cream colors.


Jumping Beans Hooded Bath Towels - These are fun animal designs for older babies and children