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Coir Mat

Laying a doormat outside a home’s entrance is a sign that the residence is occupied and also serves as a friendly, decorative welcome to visitors. Indeed, some doormats literally spell out "Welcome" or some other warm and cordial message. Perhaps more importantly, doormats also serve a functional purpose in that they trap dirt, debris, and moisture. In effect, they keep these substances from being tracked indoors onto the floor or carpet. Therefore, having doormats at each entry to the home is a good way to cut down on sweeping and vacuuming.

Some of Matt we offered as follow


Rubber Doormats - A pure rubber doormat is perfect for wiping thick clumps of mud off of boots and shoes. The rugged texture is effective at cleaning shoe treads. This type of doormat is ideal for rural areas.


Metal Doormat - Metal doormats are among the longest-lasting types of doormats. They do not stain or wear out and are easily cleaned. Examples include decorative cast iron versions and more industrial-looking steel doormats.


Natural Doormats – Doormats made of natural, renewable plant materials. Fibres like coir and jute are quite durable and look attractive as well. Harder plant substances such as bamboo.


Fabric Doormats - Doormat usually does better indoors. Doormats made of different fabrics may be woven, braided, or tufted like carpets. Possible materials used for doormats include


40 by 60 in cm, 60 by 90 in cm, 60 by 120 in cm, 60 by 180 in cm, 80 by 150 in cm, 90 by 180 in cm, 100 by 150 in cm, 120 by 180 in cm