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Chair Pad

Cushions have been in vogue for centuries, during which time many styles and designs have come and gone, while others have persisted and are still with us today. A cushion is basically a piece of padding covered in material, which not only protects the cushion pad, but provides decoration to enhance the ambience of its location. Cushions can be found in most homes and can be styled to suite the decor of any room. While most people think of cushions as something they find on sofas and armchairs, there is a market for larger cushions that are placed on the floor to provide temporary adult seating, or a fun place for children to sit, lounge, or watch TV. Furthermore, although cushions are mainly used to enhance the comfort of the user, they can also play an important medical role in supporting parts of the body, such as the back.


Some of the Chair pad we offered as follow


Fibre - The fibre used in cushions is man-made, and produced in such a way that air is trapped between the fibres to give the cushion a soft, warm, comfortable, bouncy feel.


Feather - Feather cushions can be 100% feather (often duck), a mixture of feather and down (goose or duck), or feather wrapped around a foam base. Pure feather cushions are very soft and supportive, but need to be plumped up regularly.


Down - Down cushions are the most expensive, but are very soft and very luxurious. Down is very light and lasts well. Like feather, or feather and down, they require a daily plumping routine to maintain them at their best.


Foam -Foam cushions are available in different densities, depending on whether they are intended for seats or for scattering on sofas etc. They are the cheapest of the options and have good durability. As they have natural spring, they don’t require daily plumping.