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Cushion Covers

Cushions and cushion covers are an affordable and convenient way to change the look of a house in a jiffy. With these cushion covers, it makes redecorating simple, and the home can be restyled each season to reflect the changes in fashion and nature. It also makes customising old furniture easy as new life can be put into old furniture without necessarily having to spend a bomb. With a simple mix and match, cushion covers can rejuvenate the way a room appears and feels. Cushion covers are easy to maintain, as they can be hand- or machine-washed, depending on the type of fabric they are made from.


Our Cushion covers are made from a variety of fabrics, such as silk, velvet, polyester, cotton, suede, jute, chenille, and leather. Cushion cover prices depend on the type of fabric used, as some of them, such as silk, velvet, leather, and chenille. On the other hand, covers made from cotton and polyester will be more affordable and they also tend to be increasingly durable and long-lasting. Therefore, such covers are ideal for everyday use and would help add some elegance to a room without much ado.


Vintage - A vintage looking cushion cover can give a room a retro appearance. 
Ruffled - Covers can have ruffles along the edges or on any other part of the cushion cover. The ruffles can run into multiple layers. 
Modern - Cushion covers are made from vibrant and bold fabric patterns.
Bohemian -These covers come with an array of embellishments, such as patches, beading, and ruffles.


Silk, velvet, polyester, cotton, suede, jute, chenille, and leather.