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With a limited number of accessories for men, the tie continues to be popular. A tie enhances a fine suit, is an ideal gift, and assists the wearer in showing respect during solemn occasions. When a man adds a tie to an outfit, he has an opportunity to display his sense of style while adding a touch of color. With modern novelty ties, the wearer can add whimsy to his attire.

Ties complete a suit while dress shirts and slacks receive a style boost with their addition. During the tie buying process, would-be wearers must consider the clothing item that they’ll be pairing with the tie. The first consideration should be shirt color and occasion. If the tie wearer is purchasing the tie for a special event, then a unique color or pattern will permit the wearer to stand out.


Types of Ties we produced
Solid, Stripes, Repp striped, Foulard, Plaid tie, Pin Dot, Polka dotted, Paisley Tie, Animal print ties


Silk ties – A luxury and a staple at the same time,
Satin tie - Satin fabric is glossy and smooth on one side, and matte and dull on the other.
Polyester tie - Polyester's bonuses include being stain and water resistant.
Wool ties - Wool ties come in both Knitted and Woven fabric. Both looks are coming back with a vengeance, which is wonderful because wool makes an excellent winter tie.
Cashmere tie - The ultimate luxury fiber, Cashmere is the tie fabric for the most special of men.