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There is plenty of evidence that people easily become obsessed with shoes, buying pair after pair and amassing a collection that no single person could possibly need. But less attention is paid to the fashion and comfort choices that must be made for inside of the shoe: socks. It might be accurate to call socks the unsung hero of the footwear world. Not only do socks protect shoes from becoming sweaty and smelly, they protect feet from blisters, make long walks more comfortable, and can even work to heal and prevent some foot and leg ailments. While most people already have a drawer full of socks purchased from department stores, online shops, and even local convenience stores, taking time to choose a sock that is well-researched and thoroughly considered can lead to a truly exceptional sock experience.


Types of socks we produced

Knee socks - Knee socks are, just as their name suggests, socks that go up to the knees.
Crew socks - are another popular length socks.
Low cut socks – Which commenly used in sports a small band of fabric that will show above the shoe when they are worn
Slouch Socks -These socks are tall, normally between crew length and knee high when they are stretched out,
Toe socks are unique in their design, which normally sued for yoga or specialty running
Hiking socks - is another athletic endeavor that can be very punishing on the feet.
Dress socks – It is normally used day by day activies like office going.


Cotton -Natural, breathable, comfortable and can absorb sweat
Nylon - Thin, appropriate for business, but do not breathe
Wool - Comfortable and warm but too warm for everyday wear
Cashmere - Extremely comfortable socks.