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Fashion is fickle. Headgear is no exception. Fedoras have come and gone. Sombreros are out. In fact, the only headgear that seems to always be in style is the caps. For both men and women, this type of caps is both casual and practical, as the bill can block sunlight during a day outdoors.


There are many types of caps, mainly defined by the way they are built. Some are fitted and others are adjustable. Caps may also be made from different materials or have slight differences in design that may make all the difference to a buyer.


Our caps were first designed to shade eyes while also offering mobility and lightweight comfort. Since then, however, people from all walks of life are wearing these ubiquitous hats. Yet, since the human head does not come in a uniform size and shape, there are many different types of caps designed to fit various head sizes.


Types of caps
Casual caps, Sports caps, uniform caps, League caps, Kids caps, toddler caps, Beanie


Fitted caps, Adjustable Caps, Flexible Band Caps, Snapback, strapback, trucker


Adult: 56-57 cm (full closure)
Youth: 54-55 cm (full closure)
Kids: 51-52 cm (full closure)
Toddler: 48-49 cm (full closure)


Organic cotton, Brushed cotton, Cotton twill, Brushed canvas, Polyester mesh, wool.